Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dean Dirg - Raus

  Here's the first of (what I hope) many posts on Neoteric Melodies. I originally posted this record on Shotgun Solution, 9/6/2008. I recently got a request for a re-up of it and thought it would be a good record to start things off with. Eventually, I plan on transferring all of the post 1990 records from Shotgun Solution to this site.
  Dean Dirg are a German four piece that formed in 1998; their first gig was in a graveyard the following year. In my previous post of this record, I described Dean Dirg's Sound as, Really red with some of the Quirkiness of the Hives; I think I'm still feeling the same about them now. If you want to look into these guys some more, here's a few places to start.

Myspace Facebook Dean Dirg.Net

Line Up (on this record) -

Doph - Vocals
Clauss - Guitar
Torsten - Bass
Borge - Drums

Prügelprinz Records 2007



Milord Teum said...

thanks bro and good luck in this new blog

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome Milord and thank you for the comment.

Rémi T said...

Longue vie to Neoteric Melodies !!

Frank Miller said...

Thanks Remi.

Damian G said...

Thanks for turning me on to Dean Dirg! Good luck with the blogs!

Frank Miller said...

Your welcome Damian, thank you for the comment.