Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Kwyet Kings - Talking On The Phone Single

  If I were putting together a list of my favorite Powerpop records from the 90's; this one would have to be pretty close to the top, both tunes are great.
  The Kwyet Kings were a Norwegian five piece that released half a dozen singles and three full lengths in the 90's that are all cool records worth owning. The band consisted of past and future members of The Cosmic Dropouts, The Lust-O-Rama, Gluecifer, The Yum Yums, Turbonegro, and others. If interested, you can check them out HERE.

The Band -

Arne Thelin - Vocals
Knut Schreiner - Guitar
Pal Andreassen - Guitar
Stig Amundsen - Bass
Otto Gamst - Drums

Sneakers Records 1996

1. Talking On The Phone
2. Ticket To Germany

►►►It's Now Or Never◄◄◄


zach said...

my knowledge of good 90s music is pretty abysmal. i think i can count the number of 90s records i have on one hand. so this is much appreciated. catchy stuff, thanks for the upload.

Frank Miller said...

Hi Zach,
Thanks for the comment, I'm not an expert either but I never stop listening, so I manage to run into some cool stuff now and then. These guys had a lot of good records and the best part is you should be able to find them all fairly cheap.

Miguel Mirasol said...

Thanks!!! Great record!!


Frank Miller said...

Your welcome Miguel, thanks for the comment.

zach said...

that's cool. yeah at the closest record store they stocked a lot of these kind of 7"s. but i went there so infrequently that i only bought the stuff i knew i liked. i figured i could start taking a chance on stuff i didn't know once i moved closer. a year later i moved to the city, the store's closed and the guy moved away after like 10 years of business. figures, the second i move, it goes broke. that store was the only reason i moved here, haha.

Frank Miller said...

Maybe he's trying to find out where you moved so he can re-open..hahaha!

Powerpopster said...


Frank Miller said...

Your welcome.