Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Rondelles - The Rondelles

Somehow this band got by me; I've only just recently found out about The Rondelles. They have a primitive, Pop Punk, Indie vibe; but at times, have a harder, darker edge. Top that off with a great female vocalist, playing guitar tuned to Drop D, a guy playing Drums, and Key's at the same time while standing up, and you have something totally cool, and unique. It's a shame, I wish I had gotten a chance to see them live. If you look on YouTube there's various live footage you can check out.
  The Rondelles were a three piece, (Although much of their live footage has a fourth member??) originally from Albuquerque New Mexico that formed around 1995 while still in High School. The band eventually move to Washington, D.C., until they disbanded in 2001. During that span, they released two full lengths, a number of singles, E.P's, comp tracks, and a couple of collection type releases as well. If you would like to read more about the band, here's a couple of places to start.
   Singer Juliet Swango Started another band called The Foxx, and Oakley Munson went on to form The Witnesses, Puddin' Tang, and is currently playing in Old Testament.

Line Up -

Juliet Swango - Vocals, Guitar
Yukiko Moynihan - Bass, Vocals
Oakley Munson - Drums, Keyboards

Teenbeat Records 1998

1. Safety In Numbers
2. Six o Clock
3. Shimmy Becker
4. Strike Out

►►►Phone Rings, No Answer◄◄◄


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