Sunday, March 30, 2014

Title Tracks - Every Little Bit Hurts Single

Title Tracks is the brain child of Washington D.C. based musician John Davis; formerly of Q and Not U, and Georgie James. This was Title Tracks first release; there's since been Two full lengths. I really like the flip "Found Out" of this single; it's a great tune. If you want to read more, Here's a good place to start.

Line Up -

John Davis - Guitar, Vocals
Michael Cotterman - Bass
Merideth Munoz - Farfisa, Vocals, Percussion
Andrew Black - Drums

Dischord Records 2009

1. Every Bit Hurts
2. Found Out

►►►...Just Found Out Today...◄◄◄

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Flagpolers

The Flagpolers are a four piece from Vancouver, Canada who are on the verge of a couple of split releases. One will be with The Abolitionist, from Portland; the other with Jerkstore from Vancouver. After listening to their four song Demo, I would say it has a Poppy Street Punk sound. However, "Sketch The Barber", (which I gravitated towards the most) has a darker feel. In all, promising stuff, I hope to hear more in the future. Here's a few links, if you would like to check them out.


Line Up

Gary Byrne - Guitar and Vocals
Mick McCann - Bass and Vocals
Shane McCann - Guitar
James McLaughlin - Drums

►►►4 song Demo◄◄◄