Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Sweet Faces (Douchemaster Records EP)

Here's a re-post, by request, originally posted on Shotgun Solution, 5/12/2009. Douchemaster Records has released many must own records and this ones no exception. The Sweet Faces are a three piece side project of Brian Hermosillo (Guitar/Vocals) of The Fevers, The Donnie Denim Band and Loli And The Chones; along with Michel Van Der Woude (Drums) from The Pooh Sticks and Leslie Hoffman, (Bass/Vocals) whom I couldn't find any info on.
1. On Top Of That Girl
2. Here Come The Nice Boys
3. Leslie Is A Noise Band
4. Cool Kids (Don't Wanna Listen)


Milord Teum said...

thank you,nice week!

Frank Miller said...

Thanks for the comment Milord. I'm glad you're enjoying the blog.